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Nikki Kurt 
In A Yurt

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Nikki Kurt

is a Graphic Storytelling illustrator who supports individuals and organizations to get their messages out to their audiences through simple visualized maps and videos.


She is an intuitive synthesizer who takes complex words, ideas, and relationships and visually maps them in real time to create a hierarchy of information for ultimate clarity and connection.

With 15+ years of professional experience, supporting and working across the globe alongside Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, startups, and entrepreneurs, Nikki uses her Professional Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Illustration, Mindfulness, and Live Drawing experience to bring your ideas to life.

Her work focuses on the integrity and clarity of the words and their messages.


human touch

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Through my professional listening and intuitive lens, I visually organize and map your spoken words and ideas – connecting your truth to the essence of what wants to be shared.


I assist in the ease of bringing the formless into form with the utmost clarity for all of your communication needs. From the chosen language and the understanding of the 'Power of Words' – to all of your content visualization through illustrations and videos. I'm here to assist you and be your champion of birthing this idea into form.


There are times when our communities require unique cocreative expressions to experience being heard, being acknowledged, being gotten! Nikki's abilities to offer these MIRRORS of unconditionality with such empathy serves to bring those communities together into a heartfelt coherence...


— Grandmother Kaariina Saarina of the Turquiose heart

Content Visualization, yoga, storytelling, illustration, power of worrds




From illustrations to live drawings ( remote offerings available ) – Graphic Storytelling is an illustrative way to synthesize your content. The style focuses on creating simple visuals from complex ideas, words, and relationships.

Content Visualization, yoga, storytelling, illustration, power of worrds




These workshops are perfect for anyone looking to gain confidence in their self expression, creativity, and retention capabilities.


You will walk away with a toolkit of approaches and techniques to develop emotional connections to words. And to deepen your understanding of listening – from a place of being 100% present to any conversation you hear.


With this Graphic Storytelling technique, you will never take notes the same way again!

# Make Peace the News

Graphic Storytelling board shown on CNN during 'Champions for Change' segment

Nikki Kurt live captured the heart opening share: 'Tools for Peace' during the Just Peace Youth Leaders Summit held in NYC. The powerful insights captured on the board were brought through the young poet, Mattie J.T. Stepaneck – an advocate for peace through his best-selling poetry. His mother, Mama Peace, continues advocating for his messages and carrying on his legacy to make Peace the News.


You can watch the segment: 'A young poet's call for peace continues to inspire' here. The live drawn 40 minute inspirational talk, can be seen in the background of multiple shots, grounding in the intention and inspiration for the multi-day summit. 


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