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Nikki Kurt is a Soul Archaeologist and Seer who connects people, energy, and words through her intuitive practice of healing as Art. She shares her collected wisdom through Graphic Storytelling – her practice of the art of Visual Word to capture the energy of the moment. Using simple visuals and typography, she distills complex thoughts, ideas, and relationships to their essence in real time.  Nikki uses her background in Communications Design and Illustration from Pratt Institute, alongside her many years of experience working in the Design and Innovation fields as the foundation for this creative practice. She has drawn and spoken in front of groups of thousands, has led intimate 1:1 healing sessions using Visual Word, and has trained hundreds of people all over the world in her Mindful Note-Taking method.

As an avid seeker of truth, she is always looking for new opportunities to expand consciousness through storytelling to empower others to reconnect with their human potential of listening, trusting, and creation. Nikki is home free and is an adventurer of the world. You can find Nikki always with a Marker on hand, ready to capture the past, present and future moments, serving the greatest clarity of all.

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