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"Absolutely amazing. What a way to deeply listen to something and feel so so present. I loved it. So much. Nikki has really changed the way my brain views some things."



 Lauren, New Orleans Artist

"I loved Nikki’s enthusiasm. It was really compelling and encouraging. She did a brilliant job at explaining."




"You stop stopping yourself! I write too much when I take notes. I can now structure my notes and when I look at them they make sense to me."



Laura, Berlin


"I absolutely enjoyed the graphic storytelling workshop. It is a great tool to develop my daily notes, thoughts, and to be able to organize myself better and work further in ideas and projects." 



Nathalia, Berlin

"My takeaway from this is new confidence in the possibility of drawings symbols and type."

Iceland Artist

"The workshop brought back my confidence in drawing that I lost

in 6th grade. Thanks!"



Iceland Student

"I remember Nikki's excellent workshop from August very well - thanks so much. It helped me a lot and my graphic recording took off in the autumn. Onward ho, I hope it continues - the stars have been aligned in my favor and given me a great head start. I've actually been asked to give a short Workshop next year - I'm really looking forward to it - and have a few inspiring methods I can put to work! Thanks!"



Esther, Berlin

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday. Bert had told me so many good things about you, your positive energy and your projects but your workshop exceeded all my expectations.


I went into the workshop doubting what I could do in terms of note-taking because I often can't read my own handwriting and my scribbles don't make any sense BUT I left the Euclid Manor feeling confident and empowered and with a great tool box and new skills."



Anna, San Fransisco

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